Analyse any social media account quickly and in detail

Twitter Analytics Suite of Reports

BirdSong delivers Twitter analytics on demand.  BirdSong supports Marketing Teams, Social Media teams and agencies looking for on demand, independent Twitter analytics..

BirdSong can be used to gain a snapshot of your own Twitter activity or to review a competitor’s Twitter account or accounts.

Twitter Reports

Reports start from just £14.99 with no monthly commitment.

Swiftly identify the key metrics for any Twitter account:

Understand Followers & Following  profile

Bookmark Accounts for later review 
  • Using the Favorites feature, ‘bookmark’ any Twitter account to build up a candidate list of accounts to be reviewed at a later date.
Receive guidance on areas to improve the Twitter account 

Follower Comparisons

Tweeting patterns

Day & Day Part Patterns

When is the best time to tweet graphTweet Content

Tweet Cloud

Export Twitter Followers and Export Tweets
  • Export all followers for the chosen account to .csv
  • Export Tweet history of your chosen account to .csv inclduing tweet content and datestamp

Our Insights have been featured on TNooz , The Drum and MediaTel.

Access to BirdSong is free for a limited trial after which all reports are available on a credit basis. There are no monthly commitments just pay for what you use. See more on our Pricing here.