Analyse any social media account quickly and in detail

Facebook Insights – for any brand.

Facebook Insights from BirdSong allow you to see the activity of any Facebook Fan Page.

  • All our reports are on demand, no overnight waiting
  • No restriction on Fan Base size

You can use this to gain an overview of your own Facebook Fan Page or review competitor’s fan pages to help improve your Fan Page activity.

A thoroughly useful tool that forms a part of our basic audit process for pitches and client work. Most useful of all is its sensible pricing model.

Social Media Strategy Director – Starcom Mediavest Group

Reports start from just £14.99 with no monthly commitment.

Facebook Reports


Search for any Facebook Fan Page by name or full url of the fan page.

Identify all Facebook Fan pages that are using the same name or brand term and the number of likes.

  • Use the links to check each fan page directly on Facebook.
  • Quickly identify your own posting behaviour and the responses received, or  check out the competition.
  • Use our Facebook insights to create or improve your Facebook Fan Page strategy by seeing what works for you and and your competitors.

 Key Facebook Insights, for any page

  • Number of Fans
  • Number of Likes
Brand Activity 
  • Number of updates this week
  • Number of updates this Calendar month
  • Number of updates this year
  • Total number of updates recorded
Update Types – what percentage of  updates are:
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Link
  • Status
Fan Engagement 
  • Average number of likes per update
  • Average number of comments per update
  • Average number of interactions per update
BestBuy Facebook
Brand Presence
  • What dayparts are most active for brand updates
  • What days of week are most active for brand updates
Most Popular
  • What are the most popular wall posts
  • When were they posted
  • Comment Count
  • Like Count

Facebook Insights

Our Facebook Insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, TNooz , The Drum and more.

There are no monthly commitments just pay for what you use. See more on our Pricing here.

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