What is an average Facebook Engagement Rate?

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An average Facebook Engagement Rate is a simple measure to identify the relative engagement of a fan page to its fans. The Engagement changes on a regular basis and can increase or decrease depending on the relative activity of the page during the past week.

  • You can calculate the Facebook Engagement Rate with two figures published on every fan page.
  • Divide the number of talking about by the total number of likes x 100.
Virgin Atlantic Facebook Engagement Rate

The engagement rate for Virgin Atlantic is 0.75%

  • Each page will have a different engagement rate based on its size and relative activity during the past 7 days.
  • The average engagement rate therefore fluctuates daily.
  • The average Facebook Engagement Rate for February 2014 is 2.28% – see the details here.

What Influences the Facebook Engagement Rate?

  1. Presence – How often a page is updated. The more updates, the greater potential for interactions.
  2. Time – When the page is updated. Is the page being updated when the audience are most active?
  3. Type of update type – photos are more engaging than status updates.
  4. Response/Engagement – engagement is a two way street.
  5. Call to Action – asking for an action solicits greater response, e.g. “like this”

How can you identify the factors influencing the page engagement rate?

  • You cannot easily see the factors on the Facebook page.
  • BirdSong Facebook reports can show you the key engagement metrics for any page .
  • Reports start from 14.99 GBP (c. $24.85) per brand report with no monthly commitment.

Each insight reports identifies the key metrics including

  1. Engagement Rate
  2. Average Likes, Comments, Shares per update
  3. Interaction average by type of content (photos, videos, status)
  4. Average number of responses from the brand (discussion/commentary)

Virgin Atlantic Facebook Engagement Rate

Ranking all the updates by likes, comments or shares will give you the most engaging posts of all time from which you can further identify engagement factors like content and call to action.

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